• GNHLUG exists as a LegalEntity, but (so far) mainly for legal purposes, not for actually organizing activities.
  • The group as a whole has a FearlessLeader (although that job title appears to lack a formal description).
  • There are local "chapters" (and "SIGs"), although the precise relationships are also ill-defined (see ChapterConcept).
    • Each chapter has their own coordinator/chairperson/leader/whatever. See OurChapters for the list.
  • There is a diffuse group of people who are interesting in helping out. See the VolunteerList.
  • There is an OrgList where people interesting in helping nominally coordinate efforts.
  • There are random, undocumented sessions over beers in bars across the state.
    • We are getting much better at planning and documenting these now. See OrgMeetings.
  • For Internet distress, see TechStuff and InternetServer.
  • If you need immediate assistance, try the ContactUs page.

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