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Here's proposed text for an announcement to the gnhlug-announce list. Feel free to make suggestions or edits. This was sent to the gnhlug-announce list on 9 Feb 2006.

From: Ben Scott
Subject: Help build the new GNHLUG Internet server

A project has been started to enhance GNHLUG's Internet presence. The initial focus of this project will be to configure and deploy a new server. The plan is the server will eventually host the GNHLUG web and mailing list servers, as well as be home to future GNHLUG ideas.

To make this happen, we need help! We need people who have experience with Linux/Unix system administration. This is more than just a need for manpower. We want to make this project a group effort, with the explicit goal of making this a case study in "How to do Linux right". So if you've got good *nix system administration experience, or even just know a few things that might help, please consider joining our effort!

Initially, things we will be using include: SSH, Apache, Sendmail, TWiki, GNU Mailman.

In the future, we may also use: Postfix, PHP, Python, Zope, Plone, *SQL, and whatever else brings something useful to the table.

If you think you might be interested in joining, visit:


Good job Ben. -- BruceDawson - 08 Feb 2006
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