Our Internet presence currently consists of a web site, a list server, and a few random things. For a variety of reasons, we are have secured our "own" server -- see ServerReasons for why, and ServerHardware for what. This server has been christened liberty. As of 14 Oct 2006, all services (DNS, mail, web) have been migrated to liberty.

This project is being coordinated (loosely speaking) by BenScott, with BruceDawson's much-appreciated help. Volunteers are welcome!

Project Directory


Mostly non-technical (but still important) information and discussion.

  • ServerGoals - Things to aim for; things to avoid
  • ServerPeople - Who is willing to help out with this?
    • You can get involved, too! We need your help! See ServerPeople for how!


Nuts and bolts.


Cheifly of historical interest.

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