We need to pick a hostname for our InternetServer. Criteria for the name, in roughly descending importance:

  1. Easy to type, spell, and say
  2. Unambiguous and non-confusing
  3. Relate to New Hampshire in some way
  4. Creative and clever
  5. Not so obscure that nobody "gets it"


Inspired by the suggestions and feedback of others, I came up with my own idea which I liked best: liberty

It's already starting to come into use by others, and has some neat side-effects, so I'm going with this one. Case closed. :)


  • granite? Kind of lame, but otherwise works.
  • oldmaninthemountain? Nope, too long.
    • omitm? Nope, too obscure.
    • oldman? Maybe...?
  • gnhlug.org -- BillMcGonigle - 10 Feb 2006
  • server.gnhlug.org -- BruceDawson - 14 Feb 2006
  • free.gnhlug.org
  • open.gnhlug.org
  • service.gnhlug.org
  • lugheart.gnhlug.org
  • brain.gnhlug.org
  • lugbrain
  • livefree.gnhlug.org -- DrewVanZandt - 10 Feb 2006
  • geektoy.gnhlug.org -- BruceDawson - 10 Feb 2006
  • moose.gnhlug.org -- ToddWarfield - 13 Feb 2006
  • liberty -- BenScott - 16 Feb 2006


BillMcGonigle suggested "gnhlug.org" as a hostname. I recommend strongly against using a 2LD as a hostname. It will cause confusion. If we call it "gnhlug.org", then, from that point forward, we would have to qualify every mention of "gnhlug.org" with "the machine" vs "the site/domain/services". We already have two other machines and several subdomains involved, so this is not simply academic.

  • It makes software configuration easier. I used to have bfccomputing.com with another name, and realized that since I wasn't going to have a second server I was going through extra work to make stuff work. I've never confused myself by talking about an internet service vs. a piece of hardware. Context and all that. -- BillMcGonigle - 17 Feb 2006

    • I would hope you wouldn't confuse yourself. ;-) As I said, we already have more then one machine involved. And I have been personally present to witness confusion caused by poor naming choices. Say we call it "gnhlug.org". Then what does the complaint "gnhlug.org is down" mean? What happens if we host additional domain names? What happens when we mightrate to a new machine? There is even an FYI RFC (RFC-1178) which says not to do this. -- BenScott - 18 Feb 2006

I also have a more general opinion: In general, I operate under the theory that hostnames are distinct from domain names. For example, if we call this server "fred", then "fred" serves to identify the box. Then "fred" will always mean the box, regardless of whether it is reachable as "fred.gnhlug.org" or "fred.bscott.local" (my home LAN) or even "www.gnhlug.org". This is a mostly conceptual thing, since ultimately, DNS domain names like "gnhlug.org" and "www.gnhlug.org" are just the index keys used to lookup records; there's nothing about an A record that implies a computer.

-- BenScott - 10 Feb 2006

Considering the time frame for getting this stuff moved, perhaps we should go ahead and move this to some sort of vote? Either here (among folks who care?) or out on the org or discuss lists?

-- ColeTuininga - 16 Feb 2006

Since the name really don't matter much, I was just planning on picking the name I liked best. I figure I should get something in exchange for donating the server. ;-) So far, "moose" and "liberty" are my favorites.

-- BenScott - 16 Feb 2006

Sigh. If this was already on the server, then we'd have a decent version of perl, and would be able to run the TWiki voting plugin. Sigh (again).

-- BruceDawson - 16 Feb 2006

Machines come and machines go. Since this is just one in a series of gnhlug servers, I hesitate to name it something that makes it the unique gnhlug server, like gnhlug.org or server.gnhlug.org. Would we rename it formerserver.gnhlug.org when it's time had come? Most of the machines here progress from wicked-cool new hot-shot machine through spare workstation to utility machine to file server to doorstop. I use Greek and Roman mythological names. I've seen folks use Simpson characters or Star Wars planets, Disney characters or human names. Whatever floats your boat. Since this isn't exposed to the world, and not necessarily part of the DNS name, where will we see it? At a shell prompt? In that case, how about "be_careful" -- TedRoche - 18 Feb 2006

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