Here's what I'm thinking:

  • The GNHLUG Web is our "main public" Web
  • The Org Web is our "internal" Web
  • Main Web is reserved for "TWiki operations" by the software
    • user pages get created here
    • various site-wide preferences and settings
  • TWiki for TWiki documentation and a handful of internals
  • Sandbox is for people test things out

See Also: WebToDo.

I'd like to make the "Home page" for GNHLUG easier to update events. See WebHomePrototype for an example.

-- BruceDawson - 06 Oct 2005

After this point, comments are in earliest-first order.

Basically, I feel that having a bunch of webs just makes thing difficult. The only reason to have even the two "public" and "internal" Webs (rather then just "Www") is that a lot of people don't care about the inner workings of GNHLUG; they just want Linux info and meeting information. So separate that out. But the planning of projects, etc., is, IMO, the same as the planning of meetings, etc., and thus should all go here. Information useful to the Linux/FOSS community at large belongs in the "Www" web, including the results of projects that are suitable for web publication.

For this discussion, the terms "internal" and "public" refer to interest, and not access control. The "Www" content would be that which is of interest to the general public. Information about GNHLUG and about Linux would belong in the "Www" Web. "Organizational" content would be that which is of interest only to GNHLUG Organizers and Volunteers. It is still public knowledge, it just isn't general public interest.

-- BenScott - 10 Feb 2004

I put the GNHLUG web back to cover things like projects that GNHLUG is involved in. I was keeping the Organizational web for things that the steering committe is interested in.

-- BruceDawson - 12 Feb 2004

I really should have replied to this a long time ago.

Okay, so we need to keep TWiki Web names the same to keep external bookmarks from breaking. I removed that idea from this Topic.

As far as the GNHLUG web goes, I still think it's a bad idea. The phrase "steering comitte" was a bad idea, too. We don't have enough people to make it worth splitting things up that much. If you're interested in helping out, that's good enough. More significantly, things get abandoned in that web almost immediately. They did before, and they have again. As I said before, organizing an event, project, or whatever is still organizing stuff for GNHLUG, and overlaps a lot with the Organizational web, so put it there. Here, I mean.

-- BenScott - 31 Mar 2005

Is there a topic that describes what, if any, organization the GNHLUG has? I understand that DavidBerube is the Omnipotent FearlessLeader head Potentate. GuyPardoe has volunteered to coordinate the MonadLUGGroup and he has a bunch of questions. I pointed him to the WebHome and WebTopicList topics here as the Table Of Contents and Index starting points. Are there other back-channels of communication we should be aware of? Does the inner cabal have a secret mailing list? It seems we have a great group of volunteers and like all volunteer organizations, energy waxes and wanes, projects start and are abandoned, great ideas fade and new ones appear. This Wiki appears to be a great repository of lots of that stuff.

-- TedRoche 1 April 2005

I'm bowing to BenScott's superior rationality. We can put the projects in the Org web. Not that that will keep them from falling into disuse, but it will keep things simple.

"Does the inner cabal have a secret mailing list?" There's the OrgList. And there's the IRC channel on Other than that, there's no electronic record of conversations over beer (that I'm aware of).

-- BruceDawson - 01 Apr 2005

I've added a bit at the top of Org.WebHome to introduce our structure (such as it is) to newcomers. Hopefully, this will also stimulate improvements.

The OrgList is definitely the home of our cabal. Anyone interested in helping out should subscribe. It is almost always very low traffic.

In the past, I've tried to plant the seed of keeping track of what happens at our beloved beer sessions. Unfortunately, the MeetingMinutes idea never took root. We can try again.

-- BenScott - 03 Apr 2005

MeetingMinutes has been replaced by OrgMeetings. Thanks to Ted's tireless efforts, we've gotten a lot better at keeping track of our own history. Thanks, Ted!

-- BenScott - 08 Aug 2007

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