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Here's where we hope to record what went on at the SummerSummit2006 meeting.

Main.Maddog did a great presentation (slides to be posted here) on what he learned at Wood Badge camp: how scouting works: Troop organizations, patrol organizations, how responsibility and authority were distributed. There are many parallels between the GNHLUG organization and the chapters, and a lot of discussion of how GNHLUG could be organization, what tasks are expected of the people involved.

KenDAmbrosio has stepped down as MerriLUG? chapter leader. Thanks for your hard work, Ken. HeatherBrodeur has volunteered to serve as chapter coordinator; JimKuzdrall has agreed to stay on as the alternate. Thanks to both of you!

DavidBerube has been forced to step down due to ill health. Best wishes on a speedy recovery, David! TedRoche and BillSconce have kept the CentraLUG? meetings going; we're very willing to consider new venues, new topics and new ideas!

Outreach: attracting and retaining new members. How about some presntations on video and audio?

Ben Scott: praise for his (and Bruce Dawson and Bill McGonigle?) efforts to migrate to the new server, untangle the DNS issues, move over mailman. Queries on chapters supporting their own or shared forums: with the new server, we have room and resources, as long as we don't impose too much on the generosity of MV, who provides our facilities at no charge (Thanks!)

-- TedRoche - 13 Aug 2006
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