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For the InternetServer project, we should have some explict goals. What are we trying to accomplish? What aren't we trying to accomplish?

See Also: ServerReasons, ServerToDo


There are things we want this server to be used for.

  • Front page for people searching for a LUG
  • Providing information on who we are, what we do, how to participate
    • Nice to have: a calendar easy to post and query, RSS or iCal/vCal
  • Becoming a long-term repository of what we have done
    • Bragging rights about past meetings
    • Link to resources we have discovered or presented


There are things we do not want this server to be used for.


Determining what we are NOT trying to accomplish:

  • NOT becoming another "destination" place on line
  • NOT a high-interactivity forum
  • NOT a high-maintenance site

-- TedRoche - 08 Feb 2006

Ted, I'm a bit unclear on where you are aiming here. What do you mean by "high-interactivity forum", etc. I think we're actually in agreement, but I'm not sure. Let me explain where I'm coming from: I don't think GNHLUG should try to create the next Slashdot, nor do I think we should try to duplicate the work of The Linux Documentation Project, nor be a directory of software a la Freshmeat. There is plenty of general information on Linux/FOSS out there. We don't need to duplicate it. What I am interested in are two things. First is providing infrastructure (where have I heard that before wink ) that can aide the LUG in operations. For example, a calendar/scheduler that can mail meeting notices. Better list archives is another big item on my list. The other is hosting content unique to GNHLUG. There might be a hundred-and-one software directories, but they might lack a lot of the very useful info given in someone's presentation. If we can get that onto the web, that's not a "me too" thing, but useful, unique content.

-- BenScott - 08 Feb 2006

On the other hand, I think we might want to run a Jabber server or some other IM server to facilitate discussions between members. This would obviate the "high-interactivity forum" non-goal. Its also possible that we might want to have A/V streams of our meetings out of this server (I'm not sure MV would like that, but we have yet to do the R&D on this topic).

-- BruceDawson - 09 Feb 2006

Yes, Bruce, that's what I'm getting at. There are very interactive things that I think would benefit us. IM and IRC, quite likely. I still think your concept of a web-based interface to the mailing lists is good; we just have to make sure it preserves the qualities of mailing lists that the text-only traditionalists like me want. Maybe a mail<->news<->web gateway of some kind. Likewise, I think it would be great if the GNHLUG website became the "destination" for Linux/FOSS people in the area. (It might not happen, but I can dream.) I see it more as a scope-of-the-userbase thing. I don't want to try and serve the entire Linux community (like, e.g., LWN or Slashdot). About the only thing I am certain we don't want is a "high-maintenance site"! smile

-- BenScott - 09 Feb 2006
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