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Our InternetServer, liberty, provides DNS (Domain Name System) service. We use ISC BIND named. It runs runs chrooted under /var/named/.

liberty is the SOA nameserver and BIND master for the domain.

At the TLD (Top Level Domain) servers, there are NS records which delegate authority for to liberty and its peers. This is how other DNS resolvers in the world find out which nameservers to ask about the domain.

Some other name servers are slaved to liberty for the domain. As of this writing, all the slaves are DynDNS nameservers. These are,,, and They are delegated from the 2LD, listed in the zone file, and listed in the named.conf file on liberty.

DynDNS secondary nameserver service is donated by Cole Tuininga. Thanks, Cole!

named also provides a full-service, caching resolver for the software running on liberty. Only liberty itself is permitted to make use of this resolver. Other IP addresses are denied. This is accomplished via allow-querry statements in the named.conf file. and used to be authorative nameservers for the domain. They no longer have anything to do with DNS for -- but thanks for hosting it for so long, Bruce!
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