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This is where (someday) you will find posters, arrows, banners, etc., for use at meetings. This page might contain images of said things, or information on who has said things.

Things We Have

  • A few images of some arrows
  • Some other ArtWork
  • Banner - a big banner that has GNHLUG name, logo, and web site
  • Brochures - describe GNHLUG, who we are, what we do, and/or Linux and FreeSoftware
  • Business Cards - a small thing people can take with them, so they don't forget about us

Things We Need

  • Placard - a smaller version of a banner that will fit on a table top
  • A collection of GiftStock for give-a-ways

If you have graphics of any of these things, please feel free to attach them so the various meeting leaders can use them!


The gnhlug-???arrow files are something I quickly did in GIMP. Feel free to add your own! These have transparent backgrounds and should print well on color printers. Let me know if you want the XCF files too! -- BruceDawson - 26 Sep 2002

Attached Files

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I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
gnhlug-botarrow.gif manage 7.0 K 26 Sep 2002 - 23:09 BruceDawson Arrow pointing down
gnhlug-lefarrow.gif manage 7.2 K 26 Sep 2002 - 23:10 BruceDawson Arrow pointing left
gnhlug-rigarrow.gif manage 7.1 K 26 Sep 2002 - 23:11 BruceDawson Arrow pointing right
gnhlug-toparrow.gif manage 7.1 K 26 Sep 2002 - 23:12 BruceDawson Arrow pointing up

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