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-- BillMcGonigle - 15 Aug 2006

Note: this page is a synthesis of the former pages MeetingIdeas and MeetingSpeakers. We're trying to normalize our redundant data a bit.

The following table lists some ideas for meeting topics, speakers willing to speak on those topics, and previous instances of these topics being presented at meetings.

If you'd like to add yourself as a possible presenter (pretty please!) do so here, and not in a bunch of other places, so we can have one place to look for meeting planning. Please make sure you have a Main.MyUserName page and add a note there about which LUG's (OurChapters) you're willing to present at.

Also, add topics you're interested in seeing a speaker for.

Note: the above sentences contain the sort of ugly grammar up with which we will not put.

Category Topic Speakers Previous Venues
The Basics      
  A "From the Ground Up" Installation session. Maybe with different distributions, how to do dual/multi-boot systems    
  Some answers to the "Now what?" feeling one often gets after a successful Linux install    
  SuSE NovellInc  
  Libranet (a packaging of Debian) BillSconce  
  How to choose hardware    
  How to choose hardware that works well with Linux    
  Neat hardware    
  Using a PalmOS? device with Linux EdLawson  
  Home Automation RobLembree, BruceDawson  
  Laptop sleep/standby/hibernation    
  USB Support    
  Scalable, mobile computing NextComputing  
  Hammer/x86-64 RichPayne?  
User environment      
  screen - commandline terminal tool to maintain multiple persistent terminals across unreliable/disconnected connections    
  Customizing Emacs/vi    
  NX - remote terminal services for Linux    
  VNC - cross-platform remote GUIs, Virtual Network Computing, including RealVNC? and other variations    
  X11 RobLembree  
  Dual-Headed X BenScott  
  Fluxbox (a lean, mean window manager) BillSconce  
  Windows Interoperability BenScott  
  Introduction to Networking BenScott  
  IPV6: what is it, will it ever arrive, and how to deal with it when it does.    
  Mail filtering (complete and end-all)    
  exmh PaulLussier  
  Conferencing software (Video, whiteboard, audio, etc.)    
  Cablemodems: tricks of dealing with BenBoulanger,  
  Apache Configuration RichCloutier?  
  Sendmail setup/configuration    
  Different Mail clients (compare/contrast (X)pine, mutt, (n)mh/exmh    
  Video conferencing    
  CollaborationTools an overview of Linux based collaboration tools BruceDawson  
  TWiki BruceDawson  
  Network monitoring / Nagios MattBrodeur, BenBoulanger  
  ssh BillStearns?  
  SSH tunneling/VPN   KarlRunge?  
  DNS RichPayne?, BenScott, BenBoulanger  
  NIS RichPayne?  
  NFS RichPayne?  
  TCP/IP RichPayne?  
  Samba and SMB BenScott  
  IPSec BenScott  
  L2TP BenScott  
  OpenS/WAN BenScott  
  OpenVPN BenScott  
  x.509 BenScott  
  diald BenScott  
  Wiki BenScott  
  Apache DavidBerube  
  DTC - GPL'ed web host control panel DavidBerube  
  WRT54G 3rd-party router firmware TedRoche  
  Introduction to Wi-Fi BillSconce  
Fun, entertainment, education      
  Gaming (and games) on Linux    
Systems stuff      
  System Administration Techniques and practices    
  Linux Clustering - Making several Linux boxes perform as one    
  Virtual Machines and Linux    
  Backup and Storage Solutions VaultLogix, BenScott  
  Automated System Installs MattBrodeur  
  LVM BillStearns?, BenScott  
  Linux as a SOHO Server BenScott  
  Introduction to CUPS BillSconce  
Generalized meeting ideas      
  Demo night of various small applications (organization needed)    
  Favorite packages (everyone has their own, maybe a Show'n'Tell?)    
  General "help solve problems" meetings - I'm trying to do X, and need help    
  Linux on the desktop - We tend to focus on server/admin stuff    
  Advocacy, politics, legalities, etc.    
  Marketing Linux to: Your Boss, Someone Else's Boss MadDog  
  Licenses of Open Source (what do they mean)    
  alan cox    
  doc searles    
  ken coar    
  Intro to Unix development tools (automake/autoconf, make, cscope, etc.)    
  perl BenBoulanger,    
  JAVA - IBM    
  Java on Linux PaulCourchene?  
  Perl DavidBerube  
  Ruby DavidBerube  
  PHP Main.rasmus, RichPayne?, DavidBerube  
  PHP-gtk RichPayne?  
  RSS Aggregation DavidBerube  
  Web Development DavidBerube  
  Web Spidering DavidBerube  
  embedded linux RobLembree  
  kernel internals RobLembree  
  Introductory LAMP TedRoche  
  Introduction to Scripting BillSconce  
  RPM PaulIadonisi?  
  Kylix IDE    
  Expect BenBoulanger  
  Oracle RichardSoule?  
  MySQL TedRoche  
  phpMyAdmin TedRoche  
  SQL TedRoche  
  database design and normalization TedRoche  
  Introduction to Security BenScott, PaulLussier  
  PGP/GPG and key signing MattBrodeur  
  intro to security MarkKomarinski, BenBoulanger (, PaulLussier  
  Introduction to Firewalls - An intro to IP Tables/Netfilter firewall code BenScott, BenBoulanger  
  Anti-spam/Virus techniques - How can you deal with Spam/viruses    
  Accounting software    
  Lilipad: Music typesetter    
  Office Automation - Linux Office applications    
  Favorite Tools and Productivity applications    
  LyX - The WYSIWYM Document Processor PaulLussier  
  GnuCash? PaulLussier  
  Pilot (HTML for presentations) BillSconce  
  SciTE (a great, lightweight, intelligent, (and cross-platform) text editor) BillSconce  
  Gentoo (a two-pane, highly configurable-by-GUI file manager for GTK) BillSconce  
  GIS software    
  CAD Software    
  Factory Automation and Bar Coding KurthBemis,,  
  gLabels (a great little label maker for all types of labels) EdLawson  
  Thunderbird (Mozilla e-mail program) EdLawson  
  Straw (RSS feed reader) EdLawson  
  J-Pilot (Palm application) EdLawson  
  Basic productivity/office applications EdLawson  

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