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There are various "computer shows" that take place at semi-regular intervals. Some of them happen almost every weekend. They are generally a place where vendors rent booths and hawk their wares to potential customers. A bit like a flea-market, but more vendor/customer orientated (rather then the traditionally peer-to-peer nature of a flea-market). These might be a target of a GNHLUG evangelism effort. We could rent a booth and advocate Linux from there. HossTraders is kinda like this.

Anyone willing to volunteer for this?

Computer shows in this area:

  • Northern Computer Shows - - Multiple shows around the area, almost every weekend
    • Table Fee: 1st $125; 2nd $100; 3rd $75; 4th $50; 5th $40; 6th or more $25. Electricity $10.
    • Must bring own extension cords. Set-up time 7:00 am. Exhibitors who arrive after 9:30 will not be allowed to set-up. Breaking down prior to show closing will result in being barred from all shows. All shows must be prepaid, No refunds.
  • KGP Productions - - Much less frequent, much less often, but bigger

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