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These policies are intended to protect the group and it's members, and to ensure we can continue:

  • having good meetings
  • attracting quality speakers
  • attracting new members of all ages
  • retaining old members of all ages

Food and Drink

Food and drink should probably not be brought into the meeting.

  • It is distracting, both to the speaker and to the attendees.
  • If it must be brought into the meeting, it should be distributed before the speaker begins.
  • People getting up to get food/drink during the meeting is very distracting, not to mention rude.


Alcohol should probably not be brought into the meeting. A lot of our membership may be underage. Having alcohol around during the meeting may:

  • be illegal
  • make them uncomfortable
  • discourage some of them from attending
  • discourage their parents from allowing them to attend

If alcohol is brought into the meeting:

  • accomodations for non-drinkers should made, out of courtesy
  • drinks should be acquired before the speaker begins, for the previously mentioned reasons

Based mainly on a message from PaulLussier.

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