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The "GNHLUG Library Project" is/was an effort to maintain Free/Open Source Software on CD/DVD for local libraries, for them to lend to their members (just like books).

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Rob Lembree, 28 Jan 2004

Case in point: I'm now doing the public library project all by myself, because it's something I believe it, and because nobody stepped forward to help out. I'm now afraid that if I act as a leader, I'll end up doing all the work.

Ed Lawson, 28 Jan 2004

Bob, you must have missed by e-mail. I have collections of OSS software and a web interface for them that I burn onto CDs to give out at presentations to educators. I would be glad to prepare copies and design a label for the project. It isn't feasible for me to go to Nashua for on site stuff.

Rob Lembree, 28 Jan 2004

Eh, it's a local project, and it needs local contribution. People burning CDs, printing docs and dropping it off. Ideal for a LUG, less ideal for a distributed project.

It's not a library package. It's making CDs available for the library to put out in circulation.

Here's an example: you like Mandrake for example. A new mandrake comes along, you download it for yourself anyway, and you burn an extra copy for the library, print out a 'readme' and deliver it to the library. Pretty easy, really.

As for me, I'm doing RH9, TheOpenCD and knoppix.

Rob Lembree, 28 Jan 2004

Just CDs for the moment. It'd be nice to do talks too, and they'd like that as well.

The idea would be that you'd burn stuff you use, so you'd download for your own use, and give the library a copy that you've tried out.

The original posting identified the library as Nashua Public. I don't have time to hand-hold more than one at the moment. The rest are details that I'd work out with the contributors. For example, you can mail them to me, and I'll deliver them, or I can put you in contact with the library folks who are lined up to package them to go into circulation.

For the moment, we don't need training materials, just CDs that are tested, along with 1..many sheets of printed paper to help newbies find more docs, or perhaps donated printed manuals. The idea is that the library have CDs for those w/o broadband who want to try Linux. Once this is in place the library will advertise this in the paper and in publications that it produces. The CDs will have GNHLUG info for those who want more help or who are interested in training. If there's demand for training, we get a few volunteers to deliver it at the library itself.

Rob Lembree, 28 Jan 2004

"OK. I can handle both of those - but maybe I should ask: what kind of talks?"

Introductory, how to install, how the shell works, using KDE/Gnome, using OpenOffice, using GIMP, using Evolution, etc. Remember that these are newbies. But this is a different thread. This is one project with a lot of potential, and will need more than two people to make successful.

I figure that with enough people doing this, we can cover a lot of stuff. If YOU use a tool, then YOU'll be downloading new copies when they come out, burning for your own use, and can provide the library with a CD that you've installed from (quality control).

Ed Lawson, 29 Jan 2004

I'm planning on providing TheOpenCD, which is OSS for Windows. I think that it's an easier step for people to take, and may result in more interest in Linux.

People can argue whether or not we should be doing that all they want, but the fact remains that every one of the apps on TheOpenCD are also on Linux. We should certainly focus on Linux, but I don't think that we're doing anyone a disservice by providing OSS Windows apps.

Ed Lawson, 7 Apr 2004

Today I met with personnel from the Laconia library and TechLink to further discuss putting Knoppix/Morphix CDs and FOSS CDs in the libraries for lending out as well as helping in senior centers. TechLink provides computer/internet access at 12 locations in the North country.

They are very interested in moving this program along and they will be putting these tools out there for the public.

Over the next month I will be finalizing the CDs and developing the textual material to go with them. At the end of this month, I will be making a presentation to all the TechLink volunteers to familiarize them with the CDs and to discuss/promote Linux and Open Source.

So this is a neat development and has the potential to become a program over much of the state. I hope to put up on the GNLUG and Centralug site more info so people can contribute ideas and suggestions and criticisms. I can see needing volunteers soon to keep this flying. For now it is easier to just move it myself with limited help.

I think we will have a very nice Knoppix based CD for ham radio which can be distributed at Hosstraders ready in a week or so.

Finally, while I have not gotten back to it, there is an effort underway to incorporate Linux and OpenSource alternatives into the documents provided by the NH Dept. of Education to school districts concerning developing technology plans. This could be another project that greatly increases the visability of both in schools across NH.

So stuff is happening and I am indicating in these projects that I am a memeber of GNHLUG and speak of GNHLUG as I move through these projects. Given out lack of formal organization, I just assume I can do so as long as I do not obligate GNHLUG to a specific course of action.

Ed Lawson

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