Policy on Harassment

(draft by MadDog, 4 April 2009)

The Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group (GNHLUG) is intent on creating a welcoming environment for all of its members.

Remarks should be directed toward the topic of the discussion, rather than the person discussing the topic.

Members should understand that email (the bulk of our communication) is a toneless medium, normally lacking of emotion, and their idea of "gentle ribbing" may not be seen the same way by other people. Even when someone is not the target of this "gentle ribbing", the group may get a bad name.

Members should also understand that we have a wide range of expertise and experience levels in our membership. Questions and statements that may seem simple or rhetorical may have been asked in all good faith, and should not be ridiculed.

Since harassment is a problem that is often evidenced over time, and is difficult to define, people who feel they have been or are being harassed by an individual should contact one of the board members of GNHLUG and that board member will determine the steps to be taken.

People who do not know what consitututes harassment may consult New Hampshire Title LXII of the Criminal Code, Chapter 644, Section 644:4 "Harassment". A link to this law may be found here:


Special attention will be paid to issues of harassment due to issues of gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, physical abilities, and other similar issues.

Penalties may include being banished from the group permanently.

-- TedRoche - 04 Apr 2009

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