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This was contributed by PaulLussier:

Hi, and Welcome to GNHLUG, we're always happy to gain new members smile

I'm more than willing to try and answer any questions you may have, or at least try and point you in the right direction.

Anyway, most of the information you're probaly looking for/interested in can probably be found at our website,

GNHLUG is set up as a state-wide organization with several sub-chapters. I'm the chairman of the Nashua chapter. Every chapter holds their own meetings each month, then once each quarter, we try to get all of GNHLUG together for a large quarterly meeting. For quarterly meetings in the past, we've had speakers such as Ted T'so (ext2, ext2 utils, pilot-link, etc), and last past December, Eazel flew out from California for us to speak about their projects (of course, they're now out of business frown

Meetings for the Nashua chapter are held at Martha's Exchange, a micro-brew pub and restaurant located in Nashua on Main Street. The meetings usually begin about 19:00ish or so.

Many of us often show up for dinner around 18:00 or so in the pub before the meeting. If you're ever so inclined to show up for dinner, please RSVP to me so I can get an accurate count in order to make reservations.

When you get there, walk in the front door and turn right toward the large brass Beer Brewing Kettles. At the end of the bar, turn left. We should be the large group at the back smile

If you need directions to Martha's Exchange, they should be available on the web site.

For the Nashua chapter, some of the up coming meeting topics are currently undecided as of yet, but potential topics include:

  • backups using AMANDA
  • reading mail with mh/exmh
  • more than you ever wanted to know about IMAP.

There's really nothing more to getting involved other than either showing up to meetings or taking part in the general mailling list discussions.

I highly recommend joining the mail list. There's a tremendous amount of knowledge on that list, and everyone really benefits from helping each other out. So, if you need help, it's a great place to get it. If you don't, it's a great place to lend a helping hand to others.

You can get all the mail list info on our web site.

There's ususally a Question/Answer session both before and after each meeting where we try to help people solve their problems, so if you have some pressing problem, this is usually a good place to meet up with someone who may have the answer.

Additionally, we do have what we call New User Night's or N.U.N.'s. All the information to these events should also be on the web site as well.

Again, welcome to GNHLUG!

-- BruceDawson - 27 Aug 2001

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