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See WorkingOurWeb for the details on how to make changes to our web pages.

See also: PlanForOurWeb, Www.WebToDo


Search this web for the literal string "FIXME" to find specific things we know need doing. Alternatively, see Action Items for things that are expected to get done.

General Tasks

  • put the GNHLUG logo back in, but in a neater way
  • we should have more on our organization structure (or lack there-of)
  • current concensus is that we at least try merging everything into one big web
  • decide what we want this page (WebToDo) to be about (see discussion on this page)

Discussion about this page

This topic is for commenting about changes to the content and structure of this web. See TWikiToDo for changes to the sofware running this web.

-- BruceDawson - 15 Oct 2005

Hmmm, that's interesting. When I created this topic (back in Fed 2004), it was intended to be a to-do list for pages in the "Organizational" web. I wasn't thinking of the TWiki software at all. I was creating a "WebToDo" page in each TWiki web. (This was before I started considering multiple webs to be harmful.) I suppose we could put the TWiki stuff in with this content stuff, or we could have a separate page. But if we go with separate pages, I think we should keep "!WebToDo" to be web content stuff, for consistency with Www.WebToDo in the Www web. Maybe TWikiToDo (but that might be confused with TWiki development) or SoftwareToDo? or something like that?

Also, I'm a little confused as to "General Tasks" vs "Comments" vs "Action Items". They all appear to be roughly the same thing. Am I missing something?

-- BenScott - 07 Nov 2005

Add Comments

I agree that we need consistency, so you can overrule my request that we keep WebToDo to be information about our content, not just TWiki.

I believe a TWikiToDo won't be confused with TWiki development, because that's what it is (but more focused on GNHLUG needs). SoftwareToDo would be fine for software development projects that we do, whether TWiki based or not.

So I'll create a TWikiToDo in this web, and move appropriate content to that.

-- BruceDawson - 07 Nov 2005

Action Items

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