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GNHLUG's Organizational web The Organizational web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2023 by contributing authors GNHLUG Webmaster [] GNHLUG Webmaster [] GNHLUG TWiki.Organizational GNHLUG home.Organizational WebStatistics Mar 2007 729 0 0 40 36 WebStatistics 32 27 ServerChangeControl 22 20 MediaOutlets 20 17 InternetServer 16 16 BrochureWare 16 ServerHardware Apr 2007 7595 0 0 1253 ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2015-07-29T23:59Z guest 1.5027 updated major ServerUpdates Parent: InternetServer General It seems regular (monthly, if not weekly or even daily) software updates have been the norm these days. As some of these updates will ... (last changed by BenScott) 2014-09-29T19:26Z BenScott 1.3 updated major ServerRevisionControl Ideally, it would be nice to have everything on a system under some kind of formal revision control. This would let everyone see who changed what, when they did it ... (last changed by BenScott) 2012-02-22T11:19Z BenScott 1.6 updated major ServerSoftwareInstall TOC Policies Package management Generally speaking, it is preferred to keep all install software under package management, i.e., RPM. Mostly because it makes software ... (last changed by BenScott) 2012-01-22T23:16Z BenScott 1.7 updated major LegalEntityDocuments Here we collect documents related to our status as a legal entity. This should be "official" documents only, that actual have some force of reality behind them. Not ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2010-12-29T16:33Z TedRoche 1.7 updated major MediaOutlets Places to post meeting announcements are in the table below. Please post notices only to those regions the event is in! Region Paper Submission Page Email address ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2010-09-13T17:54Z TedRoche 1.18 updated major FearlessLeader The group's Fearless Leader (AKA Chairperson) is currently MAINWEB .TedRoche. Past leaders have been: Jon ( MAINWEB .MadDog) Hall (1995-2000) MAINWEB .JerryKubeck ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2009-10-27T12:04Z TedRoche 1.8 updated major ServerToDo This is the technical "To Do list" for the new GNHLUG InternetServer. Add and update as you like! See also ServerGoals, which is more administrative/political. TOC ... (last changed by BenScott) 2009-10-15T08:54Z BenScott 1.18 updated major OrgMeet2009OctNotes Notes/minutes from 2009 October Board Meeting. Location Time: Saturday, 3 October, 2009 Space: Small Meeting Room, West Branch of the Manchester Public Library, 76 ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2009-10-14T11:11Z TedRoche 1.6 updated major LegalEntity Contents Overview This page LegalEntityDocuments Official documents (registration, etc.) LegalEntityHistory Where we've been, how we got where we are, why we did ... (last changed by BenScott) 2009-10-05T21:41Z BenScott 1.24 updated major OrgMeet2009OctAgenda GNHLUG Board Meeting 2009 #1 What: GNHLUG (state-wide) organizational/administrative meeting Who: Everyone interested in bringing GNHLUG forward Where: Small Meeting ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2009-10-02T09:02Z TedRoche 1.2 updated major OrgMeetings This is a list of "Organizational Meetings". These are not General/Regular Meetings, which are about Linux or other techie stuff. See Www.OurChapters for that. These ... (last changed by BenScott) 2009-10-01T16:11Z BenScott 1.6 updated major BrochureWare Drafted for handouts for the GNHLUG booth at HossTraders. Letter sized poster appropriate to tape to doors with directions to meeting. GNHLUG and logo GNHLUG.swx is ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2009-09-10T10:23Z TedRoche 1.14 updated major HarrassmentPolicy Policy on Harassment (draft by MAINWEB .MadDog, 4 April 2009) The Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group (GNHLUG) is intent on creating a welcoming environment for ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2009-04-04T16:22Z TedRoche 1.1 updated major OurPolicies These are the nominal policies of GNHLUG. Note that these pages are presently more descriptive than prescriptive. To the best of the author's knowledge, they have ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2009-04-04T16:20Z TedRoche 1.8 updated major ServerSecurity Our InternetServer will need to be protected against all the Internet nasties (which are legion). Don't forget to sign your comments! TOC Goals Availability Keep ... (last changed by BenScott) 2009-03-07T16:39Z BenScott 1.20 updated major
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