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Here's what I'm thinking:

I want to rename "Organizational" to "Org" to make it easier to type. I want to rename "Www" to "Pub" because I think "Www" looks funny. Then we would have these webs:

  • Main Web is reserved for user pages (since there tend to be a lot of them) and registration
  • TWiki and Test for obvious reasons
  • Pub Web is our "main public" Web
  • Org Web is our "internal" Web

Basically, I feel that having a bunch of webs just makes thing difficult. The only reason to have even the two "Pub" and "Org" Webs (rather then just "Pub") is that a lot of people don't care about the inner workings of GNHLUG; they just want Linux info and meeting information. So I separate that out. But the planning of projects, etc., is, IMO, the same as the planning of meetings, etc., and thus should all go here. Information useful to the Linux/FOSS community at large belongs in the "Pub" web, including the results of projects that are suitable for web publication.

What do others think?

-- BenScott - 06 Feb 2004
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