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Giving Notice

Advance notice is critical for a successful meeting. Notify early, and notify often.

(It is worth noting that, based on this discussion, I do not think there is any consensus for the time table laid out below. (Note that I'm not saying the time table is not a good one, just that there is no consensus for it.) -- BenScott - 05 Oct 2007)

  • Four weeks prior to a meeting:
    • Confirm the speaker can make it, perhaps using a ConfirmationFormLetter requesting two sentences describing the topic, a short bio of the speaker, directions to the meeting, offers of help, and your contact information.
    • Prepare the press release and announcement.
    • Attempt to line up speakers for Meeting Plus One and Meeting Plus Two
  • Three weeks prior to a meeting:
    • Nag the speaker again for the materials above.
    • Ship the press release to MediaOutlets
  • Two weeks prior to the meeting:
    • Frantically try to get in touch with the speaker to confirm.
    • Consider lining up an alternative speaker and topic.
    • Calmly announce to the AnnounceList
  • One week prior to the meeting:
    • Pull out all the stops, find something to present
    • Gracefully announce the one week reminder to the AnnounceList
    • Confirm the space is available (each group has different sign-up requirements)
    • Confirm someone can provide a projector.
  • 48 - 24 hours prior to the meeting:

Things To Bring

  • extension cords and power strips
  • extra cables
  • cell phone/pager
  • signs and banners
  • information about the speaker
  • information about other meetings you want to announce (GNHLUG Quarterly, for example)
  • MeetingDoorPrizes
  • Awards

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