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  • Overview - This page
  • LegalEntityDocuments - Official documents (registration, etc.)
  • LegalEntityHistory - Where we've been, how we got where we are, why we did this, etc.
  • LegalEntityResources - Links and references to third-party resources that may come in handy
  • BoardOfDirectors - Legally, we have to have a Board and specific Directors. In practice, all are welcome.
  • OrgMeetings - You should be able to find Minutes from Board Meetings here
  • LegalEntityType - The IRS defines several kinds of non-profit orgs; which are we?
  • LegalEntityEIN - Process to obtain Employer Identification Number/Federal Tax Number


GNHLUG is registered with the State of NH as a "New Hampshire Nonprofit Corporation". The original NH Form NP1 was filed on 4 October 2000. The registered name is "Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group". An official Report was filed in 2005, updating our status. Our NH Business ID is 361018. Our Federal EIN/FTN is 26-0670370. As of Sep 2009, GNHLUG has not applied for IRS/Federal tax-exempt status.

Our official mailing address is:

  Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group
  C/O Ted Roche
  278 Kearsarge Avenue
  Contoocook, NH  03229

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