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LinuxWorld Expo is held in Boston April 3 - 6, 2006, with a tradeshow Expo on the 4th, 5th and 6th.

GNHLUG is in booth #1035 - floorplan here:

We're looking for volunteers to staff a booth morning and afternoon and/or cover for lunch. We'll need:

  • The groups banner: contact TedRoche to arrange for it
  • Handouts: Let's dig around and see what we have before ordering more
  • Goodies: anyone with a vendor contact who might provide "stuff" for us to give away?
  • Demos: anyone willing to contribute/loan/volunteer a system for demos?


Please volunteer for one or more slots: Morning (10 AM - 2 PM), Afternoon (1 PM - 5 PM) or Lunch coverage (Noon - 2 PM) We need at least two people for each slot (one at lunch) to ensure booth coverage and security. More is better. Volunteers MUST get their own expo pass (Free in advance) by registering at: (You have to follow the "Register Now" link to select a "free pass". -- BruceDawson - 10 Mar 2006)

and following the 'Register' links.

(Note that LinuxWorld has offered a generous discount to the LUG; you may want to consider attending the conference.)

Time Tuesday 4-Apr-2006 Wednesday 5-Apr-2006 Thursday 6-Apr-2006
Morning BillSconce, AlexHewitt?, Your name here BruceDawson, BenScott TedRoche, BillMcGonigle
Lunch BenScott, BrianChabot BruceDawson, BrianChabot BenScott, BrianChabot
Afternoon BenScott, DaveJohnson, Your name here Your name here BenScott, LloydKvam, Your name here

-- TedRoche - 08 Mar 2006
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