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TWiki User BenScott

Ben is just dis guy, ya know?

Call me Ben. My full name is Benjamin Scott. My most common username is "bscott", and my most common pseudonym is DragonHawk. I also respond to assorted grunts and gestures.

I hold the position of Self-Appointed GNHLUG Loud Mouth. I don't consider myself a member of any particular "chapter" of GNHLUG, but rather, a member of GNHLUG in general. I most frequently attend the Seacoast and Nashua meetings. I'm the coordinator for the GNHLUG InternetServer.

I live in South-Eastern New Hampshire. You can email me by sending a message to dragonhawk at gmail dot com. If that fails, try posting to the GNHLUG mailing lists; I'm subscribed to all of them. If that fails, try smoke signals.

I used to work for ARC Technologies, in Amesbury, MA, as the IT Manager. We had a Linux server. Yay.

I used to work for Net Technologies, Inc., also in Amesbury, MA. They're an IT contractor, and they do stuff with Linux. If you need paid Linux or other IT support, give them a call.

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