TWIKISHEET{} -- enable TWiki Sheet (spreadsheet) and set options

  • The %TWIKISHEET{}% variable is handled by the TWikiSheetPlugin
  • Syntax: %TWIKISHEET{ parameters }%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter Description Example Default
    mode Mode of operation:
    mode="classic" - regular TWiki table and an edit button; once pressed, the table switches into spreadsheet edit mode.
    mode="toggle" - spreadsheet in read-only mode and an edit button; once pressed, the table switches into spreadsheet edit mode.
    mode="toggle-edit" - like "toggle" but initial state is spreadsheet edit mode.
    mode="edit" - the table is always in spreadsheet edit mode.
    mode="edit" {Plugins}

    setting ("toggle")
    concurrent Concurrent editing. If enabled, multiple people can edit TWiki Sheet and see each other's changes. This includes editing cells, pasting a range of cells, drag-filling cells, adding/removing rows, adding/removing columns, and undo.
    concurrent="0" - disable concurrent editing; changes by others will be shown after a page reload.
    concurrent="1" - enable concurrent editing; changes by others will show up while editing TWiki Sheet.
    concurrent="1" {Plugins}

    setting ("0")
    save Optionally disable save; useful to demo the plugin save="0" save="1"
    width Table width in pixels; a horizontal scrollbar is added if needed width="500" (full window width)
    height Table height in pixels; a vertical scrollbar is added if needed height="300" (full table height)
    colHeaders Set to "false" to disable the default column headers (A, B, C); set to a function for custom headers, such as:
    colHeaders="function(index) { return String.fromCharCode(65+index) + ' (' + (index + 1) + ')'; }",
    which will show headers A (1), B (2), C (3), ...
    colHeaders="false" colHeaders="true"
    rowHeaders Set to "false" to disable the default row headers (1, 2, 3) rowHeaders="false" rowHeaders="true"
    contextMenu Defines the right-click context menu; set to "false" to disable; set to array of available strings, such as:
    contextMenu="['row_above', 'row_below', 'col_left', 'col_right', 'remove_row', 'remove_col', '---------', 'undo', 'redo']"
    contextMenu="false" contextMenu="true"
    fixedRowsTop Fixed number of rows shown on top; takes effect if height parameter is used fixedRowsTop="1" (none)
    fixedColumnsLeft Fixed number of columns shown on the left; takes effect if width parameter is used fixedColumnsLeft="2" (none)
    formulas Formula support; set to "false" to disable spreadsheet calculations in table cells, such as: =SUM(A1:A8) formulas="false" formulas="true"
    maxCols Maximum number of columns maxCols="10" (unlimited)
    maxRows Maximum number of rows maxRows="1000" (unlimited)
    minSpareCols When set to 1 (or more), automatically add a new column at the right if there are no more empty columns minSpareCols="1" minSpareCols="0"
    minSpareRows When set to 1 (or more), automatically add a new row at the bottom if there are no more empty rows minSpareRows="1" minSpareRows="0"
    wordWrap Word wrap; set to "false" to disable cell content wrapping if it does not fit in the fixed column width wordWrap="false" wordWrap="true"
    more... Additional Handsontable options can be used. Notes on types of values:
    • Number value: Specify the number, such as width="500"
    • String value: Enclose the string in single quotes, such as preventOverflow="'horizontal'"
    • Boolean value: Specify "true" or "false", such as manualRowResize="true"
    • Array value: Specify the array, such as manualRowResize="[40, 50]"
    • Object value: Specify the object, such as columnSorting="{ column: 2, sortOrder: true }"
    • Function: Specify the JavaScript function, such as:
       cells="function( row, col, prop ) { var cp = {}; if( row===0 ) { cp.readOnly = true; } return cp; }"
  • Example:
    %TWIKISHEET{ mode="edit" save="0" }%
    |  | 16Q1 | 16Q2 | 16Q3 | 16Q4 |
    | East: | 163 | 182 | 208 | 193 |
    | Center: | 82 | 97 | 126 | 91 |
    | West: | 217 | 231 | 294 | 249 |
    | Total: | =SUM(B2:B4) | =SUM(C2:C4) | =SUM(D2:D4) | =SUM(E2:E4) |
    | Min: | =MIN(B2:B4) | =MIN(C2:C4) | =MIN(D2:D4) | =MIN(E2:E4) |
    | Max: | =MAX(B2:B4) | =MAX(C2:C4) | =MAX(D2:D4) | =MAX(E2:E4) |
  • Category: DatabaseAndFormsVariables, EditingAndContentUpdateVariables, FormattingAndRenderingVariables, TablesAndSpreadsheetsVariables
  • Related: See TWikiSheetPlugin for more details
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