Package =TWiki::Configure::ImgTool

This class is a singleton that offers URLs for the images (logos, warning, info) used during configuration - when neither pub nor data nor template directories are reliably available.

All the methods can be called either as class methods or as object methods on the singleton:

  • Class method:
    $img = "=<img src=" . TWiki::Configure::ImgTool->logo . "/>"
  • Object method:
    my $imgtool = TWiki::Configure::ImgTool->instance; $img = "=<img src=" . $imgtool->logo . "/>"

Class Method instance()

Returns the singleton object.

Class Method logo()

Returns the URL for the TWiki 140x40 logo (gif).

Class Method logoSmall()

Returns the URL for the TWiki small (34x26) logo (png).

Class Method favicon()

Returns the URL for the TWiki favicon (16x16, x-icon).

Class Method iconWarning()

Returns the URL for the warning icon (16x16, gif).

Class Method iconInfo()

Returns the URL for the info icon (16x16, gif).

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