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Why use Linux?

  • Power - From a technical standpoint, Linux is very powerful, supporting many cutting-edge features.
  • Choice - Linux thrives on choice. Pick the software you like, and configure it the way you want to.
  • Freedom - FreeSoftware is owned by the community -- you and me. With Linux, we control our own destiny.
  • Customization - Since we own the code, you can change it to do what you want, or fix bugs yourself.
  • Compatability - Linux runs on many types of hardware, and plays well with other systems.
  • Security - Linux makes it easier to maintain a secure system.
  • Familiarity - If you know Unix or any of it's other derrivitives, you will be right at home with Linux.
  • Price - Linux has no license fees. So you can't beat the price.
  • Low Maintenance - Linux is easy to maintain and automate. So you can't beat that price, either.

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