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See the GetInvolved page for information on how you can GetInvolved in GNHLUG. That might include helping finish items on this to-do list!

See WorkingOurWeb for the details on how to make changes to our web pages.

See also: Organizational.WebToDo


Search this web for the literal string "FIXME" to find specific things we know need doing.

General Tasks

  • there are tons of incomplete, missing, or otherwise broken pages in this web
  • the FreeSoftware page could be added to
    • on the other hand, other sites already do this -- why re-invent the wheel?
    • add our own commentary on Linux/Unix history (esp. the origins of Unix at Bell Labs)
    • how Free Software principles created the Internet
    • how Free Software powers much of the Internet today
    • how Free Software can work as a business model
    • how Free Software can work for users
    • how Free Software can work for developers

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