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GNHLUG's Www web The Www web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2023 by contributing authors GNHLUG Webmaster [] GNHLUG Webmaster [] GNHLUG TWiki.Www GNHLUG home.Www WebHome Welcome to GNHLUG! GNHLUG is the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group . Find out Us, including Chapters. Join our e-mail Lists or subscribe to our Feeds. We're ... (last changed by BenScott) 2021-03-22T19:23Z BenScott 1.14 updated major WebStatistics Mar 2007 1498 7 0 266 250 WebHome 95 66 PastEvents 50 48 OurChapters 42 39 WebStatistics 30 29 MythFestDirections 28 MythFestAnnouncement 5 Main.BenScott 2 Main.TedRoche ... (last changed by LolitaIta) 2020-03-02T17:44Z LolitaIta 1.5416 updated major UpcomingEvents (Edit this table) When Group What Who \ Feb 31 None Nothing listed Nobody \ (Edit this table) No affiliation with GNHLUG; courtesy link, see also Www.OtherGroups ... (last changed by BenScott) 2020-02-24T15:04Z BenScott 1.763 updated major RecentEvents (Edit this table) When Group What Who How many \ Thur 20 Feb 2020 GNHLUG General Meeting Members ~25 (Edit this table) No affiliation with GNHLUG; courtesy link ... (last changed by BenScott) 2020-02-24T15:04Z BenScott 1.485 updated major MailingLists TOC GNHLUG Mailing Lists GNHLUG provides several e-mail mailing lists at the "state" level. These are open to everyone (not just NH residents). To subscribe to a ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2016-08-03T18:05Z TedRoche 1.27 updated major ThanksTo Thanks! GNHLUG does not endorse any particular vendor, company, or distribution, but we would like to extend our thanks to those who have made contributions to make ... (last changed by BenScott) 2015-07-29T01:56Z BenScott 1.12 updated major PastEvents2013 When Where What Who How many \ Oct 22 ManchLUG Icinga Michael Kazin ??? \ Jul 11 DLSLUG High Performance Computing Dave Clifton ??? \ May 21 ManchLUG Session Initiation ... (last changed by BenScott) 2014-09-29T19:20Z BenScott 1.2 updated major PastEvents2012 When Where What Who How many \ Dec 6 DLSLUG Raspberry Pi; Buffer bloat Tim Williams; Rich Brown ??? \ Nov 22 PySIG No meeting Happy Thanksgiving! Nobody ??? \ 1 ... (last changed by KentaKoga) 2013-10-08T23:25Z KentaKoga 1.3 updated major PastEvents Past Events Here you will find information on past events GNHLUG has hosted, sponsored, or been a part of. See also: RecentEvents, UpcomingEvents, ParsingPastEvents ... (last changed by KentaKoga) 2013-10-08T23:18Z KentaKoga 1.89 updated major ManchLUG ManchLUG (Manchester) Central New Hampshire Coordinator: MAINWEB .KentaKoga Assistant Coordinator: MAINWEB .ChipMarshall Meetings Typically the third or fourth Tuesday ... (last changed by TedRoche) 2013-09-24T09:30Z TedRoche 1.9 updated major SoftwareFreedomDay2009 What Software Freedom Day Who YOU! Where Pulaski Park, Manchester, NH Date Saturday, September 19th, 2009 Time Flexible, overall roughly 10 AM to 5 PM We need volunteers ... (last changed by AnnCorry) 2013-09-19T03:53Z AnnCorry 1.3 updated major MerriLUG MerriLUG (Nashua) Nashua, New Hampshire Coordinator: MAINWEB .ChrisGagnon Meeting location Makeit Labs 29 Crown Street, Nashua, NH 03060 ... (last changed by ChrisGagnon) 2013-02-16T13:47Z ChrisGagnon 1.16 updated major DiscontinuedGroups INCLUDE{RubySIG} INCLUDE{CentraLUG} INCLUDE{GamingSIG} INCLUDE{KSCLUG} (last changed by ChrisGagnon) 2013-02-16T13:44Z ChrisGagnon 1.2 updated major OurChapters Please Note : It is recommended that you check the GNHLUG home page and/or the gnhlug-announce mailing list archives before planning to attend a meeting. Meetings ... (last changed by ChrisGagnon) 2013-02-16T13:43Z ChrisGagnon 1.67 updated major DLSLUG DLSLUG (Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee) Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) and Lake Sunapee area Coordinators: Lloyd Kvam (, Bill McGonigle (bill@bfccomputingNoSpam ... (last changed by LloydKvam) 2012-10-17T18:16Z LloydKvam 1.5 updated major BillMcKeeman -- MAINWEB .LloydKvam 17 Oct 2012 Bill McKeeman web page at Dartmouth (last changed by LloydKvam) 2012-10-17T18:10Z LloydKvam 1.1 updated major
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