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What Summer BBQ
Where Miles Smith Farm, Loudon, NH
Who You! Members! Everybody!
Date Sunday 6 July 2008
Time 4 PM to 7-ish PM

About the event

Let's all get together, bring some food, and just enjoy the company of friends and colleagues. Tech discussions were optional, albeit probably inevitable. Anyone associated with GNHLUG is welcome to attend, provided they sign-up first, and bring some kind of edible item for the party. Children are welcome (but not as edible items). BYOB.

This BBQ will take the place of the CentraLUG meeting for July. (7 PM on a Monday night is kind of a weird time for a BBQ.)

Bruce Dawson has kindly offered up Miles Smith Farm in Loudon, NH for the venue (thanks, Bruce!). If you've never been to Bruce's farm, it's a beautiful spot, with a rustic old farm house and barn, hilly fields, and an incredible view. The "farm" part isn't just a name -- it's an actual, working farm, with cows and horses, and farm products for sale. Don't let that scare you away, though -- Bruce is a certified geek, so electricity and WiFi Internet are readily available.

Signing up

There are two ways to sign-up for the BBQ.

  1. If you have a TWiki account for editing this website, you can just use the "Sign up now" button below. You'll be asked for a username and password. If you don't have an account but would like one, you can register yourself now. Registration is free, open to all, and only takes a moment. If you've registered in the past but forgot your password, you can reset your password. Driving directions will be sent to the email address you provide with your TWiki registration.
  2. Email: If you would prefer not to bother with this wiki stuff, just send an email to (remove the "NoSpam"). Be sure to tell us how many adults and children will be attending, and the food item you're bringing. We'll add you to the list, without registering you in TWiki or publishing your contact info. We will reply with driving directions.

Already signed up

Who Adult+Childs Food Notes
Bruce Dawson 2+0 Meat Host. Will provide burger and steaks.
TedRoche 2+0 Pasta Salad  
Ben Scott 1+0 Fresh veggies and dips  
Kurth Bemis 2+0 Tux-themed Cake It remains to be seen whether it will be Tux-shaped or only frosted
Coleman Kane 2+0 cole slaw (the creamy variety)  
Arc Riley 2+0 Vegan pasta salad egg/dairy/meat free and mostly organic. Made with pasta, soy, olive oil, veggies, seasalt, and spices.
Lori Nagel, Alex Claffey 2+0 Desert  
MaddogHall 1+0 Vegan Chili I will make sure that the chili does not have any meat, fish, milk, etc. products in it. I will also be bringing a copy of Big Buck Bunny (a 10-minute cartoon made with Blender) to show.
Nikki Henninger 2+0 Something fruity.. Watermelon maybe?  
Bruce Labitt 4+0 Burger Buns Actually, only 3 or 4 people. May bring veggie burgers and fruit salad.
Broderick Lang 2+0 Potato Salad (I'll do up a tasty vegan one) and some beverages (juice, soda). My people count is unfortunately uncertain. It's probably two adults, possibly three.
Tom Albright 2+1 Its a mystery (for now)  
Smiley 1+0 Hamburger buns I guess there's little need for hamburger patties on a beef farm. smile
Heather Brodeur 2+0 Cheese & Crackers  
Bill Freeman 2+0 cider & Tabouli  

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