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When Group What Who How many
17 Mar MonadLUG Intro to MySQL RESCHEDULED Philip Sbrogna
17 Mar GBC-ACM * The Secrets of Building and Participating in Global Communities Dries Buytaert
16 Mar BLU * Agile Programming Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
3 Mar DLSLUG GPL Compliance Lab Yoni Rankin
2 Mar Seacoast WordPress Developers * 2nd meeting TBA
24 Feb PySIG GigaPan David Pease ???
22 Feb ManchLUG Asterisk Jason T. Nelson 27
21 Feb RubySIG Ruby-debug and Rubytrace (notes) BrianTurnbull? 8
14 Feb SLUG KDE Kontact: Contacts, calendar & communication Rob Anderson ???
10 Feb MonadLUG Forth programming language Charles Montgomery ???
3 Feb DLSLUG Social Meeting at Salt Hill Pub DLSLUG ???
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* = No affiliation with GNHLUG; courtesy link

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