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When Group What Who How many
25 Mar PySIG General Chat, PyCon, new users, fundamentals, gotchas, more PySIG 11
15 Mar RubySIG Ruby on Windows (notes and slides) Tim Golden ???
12-15 Mar RailsCamp* Rails Camp NE Winter 2010, Rhode Island ($150) RubySIG et al 4+
11 Mar MonadLUG Open Q&A Charlie Farinella ???
8 Mar SLUG Google Wave (notes) SLUG 8
4 Mar DLSLUG awesome James Murdza ???
1 Mar CentraLUG Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 on WINE / Linux Susan Cragin 5
25 Feb PySIG Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (notes) TedRoche 6
15 Feb RubySIG Object-oriented Programming (slides) Brian Turnbull 14
11 Feb MonadLUG Web Based Project Management; Procet Kaiser Philip Sbrogna ???
8 Feb SLUG Sugar on a Stick (announcement) (notes) Caroline Meeks 16
4 Feb DLSLUG Unmeeting Unmembers? NULL
1 Feb CentraLUG Spam Filtering slides notes MarkMcSweeney 5
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* = No affiliation with GNHLUG; courtesy link

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