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When Group What Who How many
15 Mar RubySIG Ruby on Windows (notes and slides) Tim Golden ???
12-15 Mar RailsCamp* Rails Camp NE Winter 2010, Rhode Island ($150) RubySIG et al 4+
11 Mar MonadLUG Open Q&A Charlie Farinella ???
8 Mar SLUG Google Wave (notes) SLUG 8
4 Mar DLSLUG awesome James Murdza ???
1 Mar CentraLUG Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 on WINE / Linux Susan Cragin 5
25 Feb PySIG Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (notes) TedRoche 6
15 Feb RubySIG Object-oriented Programming (slides) Brian Turnbull 14
11 Feb MonadLUG Web Based Project Management; Procet Kaiser Philip Sbrogna ???
8 Feb SLUG Sugar on a Stick (announcement) (notes) Caroline Meeks 16
4 Feb DLSLUG Unmeeting Unmembers? NULL
1 Feb CentraLUG Spam Filtering slides notes MarkMcSweeney 5
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* = No affiliation with GNHLUG; courtesy link

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