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When Group What Who How many
19 Sep GNHLUG SoftwareFreedomDay2009 (report) Everyone ???
17 Sep RubySIG Ruby Games Nick and Casey ???
14 Sep SLUG KDE PLasmoids in Python RobertAnderson ???
10 Sep MonadLUG !MySQL/memcached Patrick Galbraith 8
7 Sep CentraLUG No meeting (Holiday) N/A 0
3 Sep DLSLUG Cloud Computing, Nifties! (notes) DLSLUG 15
27 Aug PySIG Python news, GSOC, itertools BillSconce 12
20 Aug RubySIG Where'd you hear that? (notes) RubySIG 8
13 Aug MonadLUG No meeting (Summer Vacation) N/A 0
6 Aug DLSLUG No meeting (Summer Hiatus) N/A 0
10 Aug SLUG TBD (possibly "Recovering presentation slides from a failed disk") TBD ???

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