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When Group What Who How many
6 Apr CentraLUG Open Source Business Models, Part II CentraLUG 4
2 Apr DLSLUG Nifties! DLSLUG 10
26 Mar PySIG Distributed version control with Mercurial Kent Johnson 11
19 Mar RubySIG Cascading Style Sheets, Sinatra TedRoche, NickPlante 17
19 Mar MerriLUG CANCELED (lost venue) Nobody 0
12 Mar MonadLUG CrunchBang Linux install Phillip Sbrogna 9
9 Mar SLUG Canceled (snow) Canceled 0
5 Mar DLSLUG Improving Linux Disk Performance Bill Stearns ???
2 Mar CentraLUG CANCELED CentraLUG 0
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