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When Group What Who How many
5 Mar DLSLUG Improving Linux Disk Performance Bill Stearns ???
2 Mar CentraLUG CANCELED CentraLUG
26 Feb PySIG XMPP with Python, Twisted ArcRiley, Walter Mundt ???
19 Feb MerriLUG TBA TBA ???
19 Feb RubySIG Rubygems, Rails 2.3 (notes) Josh Nicholls, Brian Turnbull 13
13 Feb Martha's, Nashua UNIX Time Rolls over to 1234567890 Maddog et al 10
12 Feb MonadLUG Open Mic Night, Rumba? Group ???
9 Feb SLUG Year In Review RobertAnderson 8
5 Feb DLSLUG Planning Meeting Members ???
2 Feb CentraLUG Open Source Business Models (announcement) CentraLUG 14
22 Jan PySIG C extensions in Python 3.0 (handouts), Kent's Korner (notes) ArcRiley, Kent Johnson 13
15 Jan RubySIG Review Ramp, Cucumber, Dynamic Record Jonathan Linowes 14
15 Jan MerriLUG TBA TBA ???
12 Jan SLUG PlayStation 3/UPnP/DLNA Rob Anderson ???
8 Jan MonadLUG KDE4 Overview PhilipSbrogna? ???
8 Jan DLSLUG Annual Social Meeting, Salt Hill Pub All ???
8 Jan MonadLUG KDE4 Overview Philip Sbrogna 9

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