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When Group What Who How many
13 Nov MonadLUG Xen Virtual Machine Hypervisor Group ???
10 Nov GNHLUG Server restored Ben Scott all
10 Nov SLUG Ogg Theora video framework Matthew Craig ???
6 Nov DLSLUG Ubuntu Server: A Comprehensive Overview Joseph Guarino ???
3 Nov CentraLUG Open mic night Members 1
23 Oct GNHLUG Server crashed Unknown all
23 Oct PySIG Sphinx and more Arc Riley ???
21 Oct RubySIG Rails Plug-ins, REST Nick Plante, Brian Turnbull 8
16 Oct MerriLUG Communicating with Pidgins Heather Brodeur ???
13 Oct SLUG HTTP Representational State Transfer Brian Turnbull ???
9 Oct MonadLUG MySQL Replication Patrick Galbraith 12
6 Oct CentraLUG Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex preview (notes) (slides) ArcRiley 8
2 Oct DLSLUG A Teaching Compiler written in MATLAB Bill McKeeman ???
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