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When Group What Who How many
10 Nov GNHLUG Server restored Ben Scott all
10 Nov SLUG Ogg Theora video framework Matthew Craig ???
6 Nov DLSLUG Ubuntu Server: A Comprehensive Overview Joseph Guarino ???
3 Nov CentraLUG Open mic night Members ???
23 Oct GNHLUG Server crashed Unknown all
23 Oct PySig Sphinx and more Arc Riley ???
3 Nov CentraLUG TBA TBA ???
21 Oct RubySIG Rails Plug-ins, REST Nick Plante, Brian Turnbull 8
16 Oct MerriLUG Communicating with Pidgins Heather Brodeur ???
13 Oct SLUG HTTP Representational State Transfer Brian Turnbull ???
9 Oct MonadLUG MySQL Replication Patrick Galbraith 12
6 Oct CentraLUG Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex preview (notes) (slides) ArcRiley 8
2 Oct DLSLUG A Teaching Compiler written in MATLAB Bill McKeeman ???
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