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Please Note: It is recommended that you check the GNHLUG home page and/or the gnhlug-announce mailing list archives before planning to attend a meeting. Meetings are not always held every month, and they are sometimes rescheduled or moved.

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For everything, there is a season; and all things must end. Our history includes some DiscontinuedGroups.

Summary Meeting Schedule

Group When Where
DLSLUG 1st Thursday Carson Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover
SLUG 2nd Monday Morse Hall, UNH, Durham
MonadLUG 2nd Monday SAU 1 offices, Peterborough
ManchLUG 4th Tuesday Wings Your Way, Manchester
PySIG 4th Thursday Amoskeag Business Incubator, Manchester

DLSLUG (Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee)

SLUG (Seacoast LUG)

ManchLUG (Manchester)

MonadLUG (Monadnock)


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