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Some MerriLUG meetings:

March 16 2006: Christopher Aillon of Red Hat will be presenting NetworkManager?

Christopher talked about the design philosophy and architecture of NetworkManager, part of Red Hat's stateless Linux initiative.

April 21 2005: MythTV (an open-source, Linux-based TiVo-like system)

I've got some goodies from the EFF for this, and would invite anyone who's set up a system to tell us how it works. Are enough people familiar with it that we'd consider having some sort of more formal installfest on a weekend?

May 19 2005: Security.

I'd like to do something on security, if anyone's willing to give a discussion about it. Often enough, I see comments to the effect that security implemented without knowing what you're doing isn't really security... but security, let's be honest, isn't trivial to implement with Linux. If anyone would care to discuss their favorite firewall front-ends, or what-have-you, I'd be very interested.

June 16 2005: WINE ( -- a WINdows Emulator)

Ira Krakow, who helped out at the GNHLUG booth at LinuxWorld2005Boston, has kindly offered chat up WINE. For those that haven't used it, it does Windows emulation... kinda. It has a long and storied history, and can be interesting to get running. Ira's writing a book aoubt WINE, and I'd be very interested to hear what he has to say. Bring your questions, or your successes!

July 21 2005: New user meeting!

Meet and greet. New users are -always- welcome, of course, but one theme expressed at our previous meeting in February was that we should have an occasional meeting where new users, and their concerns -- and perhaps even their systems, if they're willing to lug 'em in -- are the focus.

Aug 18 2005: IP (not the networking kind) issues, both historical and contemporary.

I hope to be able to drag a specific speaker in for this that I met at the GNHLUG booth at LinuxWorld2005Boston, but haven't been able to firm up a date.

Nov 17 2005: General discussion

See this link for details. (You must be on the discussion mailing list to see the link).
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