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Who Rob Anderson
What Panda3D - Simulating worlds in real-time
Date Mon 13 Aug 2007
Time 7 PM to 9 PM
Where Room 301, Morse Hall, UNH, Durham, NH

For the August 2007 SLUG/Seacoast/UNH/Durham meeting, Rob Anderson will be a presenting on the Panda3D 3D engine.

About Panda3D

Panda3D ( is an Open Source "3D engine" -- software that lets you model a "world", and then render it in real-time on a graphics display. Think "Doom" or "Half-Life". It was originally developed by Disney for their massively multi-player online game, Toontown, so it's got real capabilities. They released it as Free Software in 2002. Carnegie Mellon University and Disney now manage the project jointly. The project emphasizes "a short learning curve and rapid development".

Panda3D supports the C++ and Python languages, runs on Linux and Windows, and comes with models and artwork to get you started. There is also a library of documentation, sample code, and full projects online, along with what appears to be a reasonably active web forum.

About SLUG

SLUG is the Seacoast Linux User Group, and is a chapter of GNHLUG, the Greater NH Linux User Group. Rob Anderson is the SLUG coordinator. SLUG meets the second Monday of every month, same time, same place. You can find out more about SLUG and GNHLUG at the and websites.

Meetings take place starting at 7:00 PM. Meetings are open to all. The meeting proper ends around 9ish, but it's not uncommon to find hangers-on there until 10 or later. They take place in Room 301 (the third floor conference room), of Morse Hall, at the University of New Hampshire, in Durham.
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