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It's nice to hear of a good idea catch on.

I've been impressed with some of the stuff the MonadLUG group has been doing. Charlie suggested a while ago that we try bringing back the "Man Page of the Month," a short (ten minute) presentation on a command. Duties for the MPOM have rotated around the group. Many folks have had a single-page handout with notes, examples and nearly always a surprising tidbit or two. I have never failed to learn something about every command presented.

I mentioned the MPOM at other LUG meetings I've attended. One time, at the Dartmouth Group, Peter Nikolaidis heard about it and thought it was a pretty good idea. I didn't realize it at the time, but Peter adopted the idea to his blog [1] and then to the Fresh Ubuntu audiocast [2] [3] where he is producing his Man Page Minute piece as audio. I've been listening to the last couple of episodes and enjoy what Peter and Harlem, the Fresh Ubuntu owner, have to say.

Way to go, Peter!


[2] -- OGG format

[3] -- MP3 version

-- Ted Roche Ted Roche & Associates, LLC

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