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GNHLUG Mailing Lists

There are several majordomo -managed mailing lists for corresponding with other people regarding general linux questions, group specific information (like when and where is the next meeting) and other topic of general interest to the New Hampshire Linux community. To subscribe to the lists, send email with one or both of the following lines in the body to

  • subscribe gnhlug
    General discussions of ``all things Linux'' that are of interest to the Greater New Hampshire community.
  • subscribe gnhlug-announce
    Announcements concerning GNHLUG. This list has much less traffic.

Note that the organizational discussion list (GNHLUG-ORG) is used to discuss "Group management" issues. It is now managed by mailman, but at a different site:

Mailing List Archives

Most messages sent to these mailing lists are publicly archived by The Mail Archive.
Please check the archives before posting to either mailing list!

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