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TCP/IP references provided by Bill Stearns from a student in one of his classes.

-- TedRoche - 05 Oct 2007

This actually has way more than IP; there's Ethernet, 802.11 wireless, OS finger prints, command references for tcpdump and ngrep, and even an "ASCII" table. ("ASCII" in quotes because it's actually a table of IBM-PC/MS-DOS Code Page 437. ASCII is only 7-bit, and thus defines no codes above 127.)

-- BenScott - 05 Oct 2007

Also, SANS provides a handout called "TCP/ IP and tcpdump Flyer (PDF)" available for free download from their website at:

-- TedRoche - 05 Oct 2007
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Packet_Headers_Subnet_Breakdown.xls manage 229.5 K 04 Oct 2007 - 21:01 TedRoche Packets and their breakdowns

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