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The following is a copy of the follow-up announcement for the first-ever GNHLUG meeting. Thanks to Bayard Coolidge for keeping this around. [Spam-guarding has been added.]

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Subject:  LINUX user group meeting
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Hello again to all.  The LINUX user group held our first meeting
last night.  It was a small but productive meeting and we are hoping
to see more of you at the next get together.  Topics discussed 
included meeting schedules, possible projects for the user group to
become involve with, and the features of various LINUX distributions.
The consensus was that meetings be held the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each 
month beginning November 2nd.  The meeting place will be the Forest
Park Communitee building on the UNH campus, and the time 19:00 hrs
(7:00 pm).  We also want to develop a project or two for our members
to participate in that will contribute to the general betterment
of LINUX.  Ideas mentioned include system management tools, installation
aids (graphical and otherwise) and helping out on some of the 
existing projects under way.  So let's see a good turnout next month
and come ready to share your pet project.

         73,  Bob Curry

    Robert W. Curry              
    11 Forest Park                              (603)868-1008
    Durham, NH  03824  USA                              KC1IB

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