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So far, (as of 22:43 14 Aug 2003), the following people have signed up:

Name Coming Bringing
Bruce Dawson 2 Burgers, soda, hot dogs, ...
Ed Lawson 2 Salad, dessert, Morphix and Knoppix CDs
Rob Lembree 1 ?
Jason Kern 2 ?
Ray Cote 0  
Ken FlyingToasters 0  
Richard Sharpe 3 Hot Chili
Bill Sconce 1? Derby Pie + Ham gear
Dan Coutu 2 Potato Salad
Charles Farinella 0  
David Long 1 Desert
Ben Scott 1 ?

A "?" in the Bringing column indicates "unknown". A "?" in the Name column indicates "will try, but not sure if can". A 0 in the Coming column indicates that they won't be able to come. A "?" in the Coming column indicates "probably".

All others have not indicated anything.
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