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-- CharlieFarinella - 02 Nov 2007

From the East:

  • 101 west to 202/123 north( Granite St. )
  • 2.8 miles on the left there is a small white sign marking the SAU office just before the middle school
  • Turn left, park around back.
  • Facing the rear of the building use the door furthest to your right, we are to the left.

From the North

  • I-93 to I-89 North to Exit 5, route 202/9 West, OR:
  • I-89 South to Exit 6, right onto Route 127, ~1.5 miles over the Everett Dam to 202 West (right at Stop sign)
  • 4th (?) exit is Route 202 south to Peterborough
  • Follow 202 through Hillsborough, Antrim to Peterborough
  • Just past the school you'll see a small while sign for the SAU office. Proceed to the back of the building.
  • Follow the directions above

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