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Chairman Bruce Dawson
Vice Chairman Paul Lussier
Treasurer Bayard Coolidge
Graphic Artist Maria Iftikhar

GNHLUG Steering Committee
Jerry Kubeck Monadlug
Rich Payne Monadlug
Bill Sconce Monadlug
Paul Lussier Merrilug
Rob Lembree Merrilug
Mike Ledoux Merrilug
Rob Anderson SLUG
Bob Sparks Centralug
Bruce Dawson Centralug
Ed Lawson Centralug

Chapter Chairs
Monadlug Jerry Kubeck
MELBA (a.k.a. MEBDA, a.k.a. Merrilug) Paul Lussier
Centralug Bob Sparks
NNHLUG Kurth Bemis
KSCLUG Derek Doucette

Chairman: New Users Nights & Installfests

mike ledoux

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