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you have reached the TWiki web (pronounced twee-kee web). TWiki is a meeting place to collaborate on common interests. Everybody can contribute by just using a web browser. It looks like a normal web site, but then... everybody can edit web pages.

TWiki is divided up into webs , each one represents one area of collaboration. This Twiki installation has two TWiki webs:

  • TWiki.Main: Entry point, has the list of TWiki guests, also used for explanations and testing.
  • TWiki.Know: Knowledge Base area. This is to demonstrate how to use TWiki as a knowledge base for support.

Each web has topics. A topic is one web page in your browser. You can edit a topic by clicking on the Edit link at the bottom of each page.

Good starting points in the TWiki.Main web are:

  • WebHome: Entry point of this TWiki web.
  • TWikiWeb?: Explains what a TWiki web is.
  • GoodStyle: Things to consider when changing text.
  • TextFormattingRules: Easy to learn rules when editing text.
  • Changes: Recent changes to the TWiki.Main web.
  • TestArea?: The place where you can get your virtual hands dirty.
  • TWikiUsers?: Before you leave add your name here.

-- PeterThoeny - 13 Jun 1999

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