Web Notification on Changes

Each GNHLUG web does an automatic email notification of recent changes. Users can subscribe / unsubscribe themselves in WebNotify of each TWiki web. The Perl script mailnotify is called by a deamon in regular intervals. The script is sending an automated email to subscribed users in case some topics changed in a web within this interval.

Configuring Outgoing Mail

GNHLUG will use the Net::SMTP module in case it is installed on your system. You need to specify the SMTPMAILHOST variable in TWikiPreferences.

You can use an external mail program like sendmail in case the Net::SMTP module is not installed. In this case specify the $mailProgram in twiki/bin/TWiki.cfg.

Call mailnotify at Regular Intervals

For Unix platforms: Edit the cron table so that mailnotify is called in an interval of your choice. Please consult man crontab of how to modify the table that schedules program execution at certain intervals. Example:

% crontab -e
15,45 * * * * (cd ~twiki/public_html/bin; ./mailnotify -q)
The above line will call mailnotify at 15 minutes and 45 minutes past every hour. The -q switch suppresses all normal output.

On Windows NT / 2000 you can use a scheduled task.

-- PeterThoeny - 16 Mar 2001

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