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This section only applies to you in case the server where GNHLUG is installed is authenticated and on an Intranet.

GNHLUG manages internally two usernames: Login username and Wiki username.

  • Login username: When you login to the Intranet you use your login username, i.e. pthoeny. This name is passed to GNHLUG by the REMOTE_USER environment variable. GNHLUG uses this name internally to log topic changes. Login usernames are maintained by your system administrator.
  • Wiki username: Is your name in WikiNotation, i.e. PeterThoeny. Your WikiName will be created when you register in TWikiRegistration; doing so will also create your personal home page.

Note: When you refer to a WikiName of a user (your own or somebody else's) be sure to specify the Main web in front of the Wiki username, e.g. write Main.WikiUsername or %MAINWEB%.WikiUsername. This assures that the name will be linked automatically to the GNHLUG.Main web, even if the text is written in a different GNHLUG web.

GNHLUG can map the Intranet username to the Wiki username automatically, provided that the Login username and Wiki username pair has been entered in the TWikiUsers topic. This happens automatically when you register.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Nov 2000

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