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To upgrade an earlier TWiki version like 01 Sep 1999 to version 01 May 2000 you should do the following things:

  • Back up your system.
  • Update the templates in the /templates directory (and its subdirs):
    • Take the templates of the latest distribution as the base and merge your changes back into it.
  • Update the Perl scripts in the /bin directory:
    • Take the scripts of the latest distribution as the base and merge your changes back into it. Do so also for because it has important changes as well.
  • Update topics:
    • Copy the new Main. TWikiPreferences topic (and *,v file) into your TWiki.Main web. Customize the topic to your needs.
    • Copy the new Main. WebPreferences, WebStatistics topics (and *,v files) into all your webs. Customize all WebPreferences topics to your needs (e.g. web color).
    • Copy WebSearch into all your webs, or modify the existing ones. Reason: Some switches for search changed.
    • Copy the TWiki documentation into your Main web: Topics TWikiDocumentation, TWikiUsernameVsLoginUsername, TWikiVariables, WebNotification?, TWikiCategoryTable, TWikiImplementationNotes?, TWikiInstallationGuide, TWikiUpgradeTo01May2000, TextFormattingRules, TWikiHistory .
    • Copy the registration topic into your Main web:
      • In case you are on an Intranet: Copy topic TWikiRegistration to Main.TWikiRegistration. Customize if needed.
      • In case you are on a public server: Copy topic TWikiRegistrationPub to Main.TWikiRegistration. Customize if needed.
    • Copy the Main. TWikiWebsTable topic (and *,v file) into your Main web and customize it. Reason: The new release does not use the *.inc include files anymore.
    • Optionally: Search for %INCLUDE%'s in all your webs and change them to the new %INCLUDE{"file.ext"}% syntax. Note: Your old %INCLUDE:"file.ext"% syntax still works (the legacy rule is defined in .)
  • Add the PoweredByTWikiLogo to your GNHLUG home page.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Apr 2000

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